Kipsu + Hospitality Management Portfolios

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Discover how Kipsu partners with portfolios of all sizes to revitalize guest engagement and boost satisfaction scores.

Case Study

Kipsu for Hospitality Management Groups

Management groups who leverage Kipsu at the property level see a significant boost in satisfaction score and higher overall NPS, regardless of the portfolio’s size, branding, or demographic.

In this case study:

  • An in-depth look at a diverse hospitality portfolio
  • Impacts on online reviews including overall score and score distribution
  • Unsolicited online reviews that specifically mention the Kipsu service

Our Solution

Kipsu empowers service leaders to build personal customer relationships through texting and other digital messaging channels. Our solution captures real-time feedback and encourages proactive, high-touch customer engagement, increasing guest loyalty and retention.

As a pioneer in the Real Time Engagement—or RTE—category, Kipsu enables service leaders to manage their digital relationships with customers across an array of digital channels, including text, over-the-top and social messaging, as well as integrated in-app engagement channels.

Capture the Power of Messaging.

Data Driven

The wealth of structured and unstructured data generated through digital messaging on Kipsu’s platform is leveraged at both the enterprise and property level to enhance the 360 degree view of each guest, bolster predictive analytics, and enable real-time data mining for service and marketing insights.

Scalable Technology

Although Kipsu operates 100% effectively as a stand-alone solution, our platform can also integrate with your broader enterprise software and technologies, including PMS, ticketing services, and loyalty mobile apps.

With portfolio-wide analytics, super admin access across multiple property dashboards, and inter-property ranking, Kipsu is designed to keep you in-the-know and up-to-date.

Seamless Implementation

Our customizable piloting process creates a seamless implementation that serves your needs and timeline. We work with each of our partners to find the system that is the best fit for their portfolio.

Hands-On Support

Not only does Kipsu provide comprehensive training prior to launching, but we also equip teams with 24-hour support and on-going strategic guidance. Our Minneapolis-based team is always here to help with every problem or question. Your success is our success.

Experience True Partnership


Each individual property using Kipsu becomes a member of our community. We work directly with each of our teams to assure they reach their unique goals—learning, growing, and improving together.


Across All Service Levels

Kipsu configures to your property’s individual needs. Whether your portfolio mix consists of full or select-service properties, our solution empowers staff to operationalize the nuances of their property through guests’ preferred channel of text messaging.

Across the Entire Globe

A single solution that enables international standardization balanced with localized features based on your messaging preferences and integration needs.

Across All Brands & Portfolio Sizes

Kipsu supports your portfolio, whether it’s five or 500+ properties, and everything in between. Based on your needs, you are able to modify features and settings according to existing brand policies, values, and procedures.

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