Keep Service Personal,
Extend Service Digitally

Expand your current, high-touch service model through texting and digital messaging.

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Facilitated Over
Unique Guest Conversations
Intercepted Over
Negative Reviews
Captured Over
Positive Guest

How Kipsu Works


Extend Service Digitally

Prevent potentially damaging reviews on social sites and satisfaction surveys by intercepting and resolving issues in the moment.

Boost Engagement

Sending a text message is a personal, familiar, and low-friction channel of communication that encourages customers to reach out to staff, even in sensitive situations.

Intercept Potential Problems

Answer questions, address concerns, and ultimately capture feedback before it reaches the public space or appears in a survey.

What Makes Kipsu Different?

Kipsu unites a cutting edge technology platform with personalized training, customization, analytics and support services to deliver a total solution for you and your team.

Excellent customer service is a defining element to our partners’ strategies and businesses, and they are often viewed as industry role models for their dedication to customer satisfaction. We strive to match this standard for excellence and ensure that each of our partners receives the same care and attention that they pass on to their customers on a daily basis.

More than a Customer

We consider each business using Kipsu more than just a customer and view them instead as business partners and colleagues. Become our partner and build a mutual relationship grounded in transparency, trust, and respect.

More than a Tech Company

We leverage our expertise, our experience, and our excellent customer support to align our objectives with yours and fundamentally change the way your team connects with your guests.

Cutting-Edge Software

By working closely with many of the leaders in the customer service business we have developed a solution that produces radical improvements to the service experience. We have systematically broken down what a high-touch experience feels like and created tools that allow your team to consistently recreate that experience with each customer, at scale.

Seamless Integration

Integration with the Kipsu system is fast and painless. As a cloud-based platform, Kipsu will never take up space on your computer or servers.

Innovative Technology

Kipsu is at the head of the industry with new features, tools, and messaging options.

High-Touch Support

Our software is backed by a world-class Customer Success team who is standing by to answer questions, give helpful hints, and ensure your Kipsu experience is a success.

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