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Hoteliers in 30+ countries partner with Kipsu to tap into the power of SMS, text messaging, web chat, and social messaging for service enhancement.

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How Kipsu Works

Kipsu works with over 3,000 properties across all service levels in 30+ different countries, helping team communicate with guests via text message and other digital messaging channels.

Human Service Through Digital Channels

Kipsu is rooted in a simple, yet profound goal: Elevate service professionals to the center of the customer experience, build relationships with guests, and transform and personalize the guest experience.

Easy for Guests

Digital messaging reduces guest anxiety to voice questions and concerns and give guests an easy way to contact you before, during, and after their stay.

Easy for Staff

Kipsu helps route front desk calls and traffic toward messaging, a slower-paced and lower-stress communication channel.

Improves Scores

The high-touch and familiar nature of text messaging makes guest feel well-cared for. Kipsu also helps unearth potentially negative reviews before they reach the web.

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Pending Rooms and Express Departure

Notify guests when their room is ready with a quick text message and make checkout effortless by sending folios through text.

Housekeeping Requests

Instead of calling or coming to the front desk, let guests text you for turndown service or general housekeeping requests.


Guests simply text in their valet number and the car can be ready before they even reach the lobby.

Group Management

Let an entire conference, wedding party, or sports team know about schedule changes or updates with just a few clicks.

Catch Feedback

Receive any criticism or kudos while your guest is still on property in order to perfrom service recovery if needed.


Take dinner reservation requests, answer general questions, and more - all through the Kipsu system.

Impact Across All Service Levels

Kipsu is utilized across service types globally to help all teams meet their service goals

Full Service
Focused Service
Luxury and Boutique

"It gives pride to the staff that they are taking care of the guests personally via texts. It shows that we care and a personal connection is created via texting as it is serving one individual person at a time."
- Nate Brunkhorst, Front Office Manager, Grand Geneva Resort & Spa

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Take a look at actual reviews from guests of Kipsu properties illustrating the positive effect of our texting solution.

"The Text Service is Great!"


"About ah hour after we checked in I received a text from Cassandra (that very helpful nice young lady that checked us in). The text was checking to see how our room was and to let us know that she was available and to just text her if we needed anything! Thank you for training you're staff great customer service! You should be very proud of your staff (and yourself for obviously rolling out great customer service)."

"Spectacular Stay"


"The service is superior. Just send a text message for whatever you need and someone is there within a few minutes. All of the staff are friendly, treating every guest to true southern hospitality. The food is ridiculously good, too! We have been all over the world and stayed in 5 star resorts and this place by far is the best!"

"Very Courteous Staff"


"From the time I arrived at the front desk, to the moment I checked out, the hotel staff showed genuine kindness. They even sent a non-intrusive text message to check on my stay. When I replied that all was well, they were quick to respond that they were glad and that they were there if I needed anything. Great sustomer service! Clearn and fresh smelling room with perfect termerature control."

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