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Hoteliers around the globe partner with Kipsu to tap into the power of SMS, text messaging, web chat, and social messaging.

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Kipsu supports leading hoteliers with international portfolios of 5,000+ properties, all the way down to single properties managed by private property owners, and everything in between and is the industry leader and pioneer in Real-Time Engagement.

Kipsu has enabled over 34 million digital messages between staff and guests.

By expanding guest interactions beyond the front desk and ensuring seamless communication, Kipsu boosts guests satisfaction and ultimately drives improvement in online and brand survey scores.

Easy for Guests

Digital messaging reduces guest anxiety to voice questions and concerns and give guests an easy way to contact you before, during, and after their stay.

Easy for Staff

Kipsu helps route front desk calls and traffic toward messaging, a slower-paced and lower-stress communication channel.

Improves Scores

The high-touch and familiar nature of text messaging makes guest feel well-cared for. Kipsu also helps unearth potentially negative reviews before they reach the web.

Case Study: Kipsu for Extended Stay Hotels

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Leverage Kipsu Across Multiple Departments

Pending Rooms

Let guests know when their room is ready with a quick and easy text message.

Housekeeping Requests

Instead of calling, let guests text you for turndown service or general housekeeping requests.


Guests simply text in their valet number and the car can be ready before they even reach the lobby.

Group Messaging

Let an entire conference, wedding party, or sports team know about schedule changes or updates with just a few clicks!


Take dinner reservation requests, answer questions, give directions, and more- all through the Kipsu system.

In-Room Dining

Receive written in-room dining orders via text that are easy to pass along to the restaurant.

Boost Online and Brand Survey Scores

Guests are not the only ones that see the results of Kipsu. Surveys scores, online, ratings, and overall customer satisfaction demonstrates how Kipsu also benefits the property.

Full Service

Moved up 18 places in TripAdvisor within 6 weeks of using Kipsu


Moved brand survey scores from 50 to 80 in one week of using Kipsu


Moved up TripAdvisor ranking from 51 to 6 in 6 months of using Kipsu

Improve Guest Satisfaction

Take a look at actual reviews from guests of Kipsu properties illustrating the positive effect of our texting solution.

  • TripAdvisorReviewsHospitalityTexting-03

    "Very Friendly and Helpful"

    The staff was OUTSTANDING! From text messaged communication to the atmosphere at the bar, everything was great! I was in town for a business meeting and by far this hotel was the highlight of my trip. Thank you guys so much.
    Kevin F
    Hotel in Houston, TX

    "Great, Personable Staff!

    This hotel was great with quick responses to any requests I had. The text message service was especially accommodating when traveling for business and in all day meetings. They were able to help with menial tasks as well as handling the bellman being sent to my room for packages when I was in a crunch.
    Hotel in Minneapolis, MN

    "We've Been Coming Here for Years"

    Again, one of my favorite features on the service end of this hotel is the ability to text the staff for everything from valet, bell, housekeeping or other services. They establish a text connection with you upon check in and it makes communication with hotel services as convenient as it can get.
    Resort in Boca Raton, FL
  • TripAdvisorReviewsHospitalityTexting-08

    “Great Rooms and love the digital concierge”

    Rooms were great and the digital concierge is the best. You just text what you need, where you want to go, etc., and they respond almost immediately. The only drawback of this hotel is if you self park....I would stay here again as it is very convenient to everything uptown in the Queen City.
    Jesse S
    Hotel in Charlotte, NC

    “Perfect spot for a relaxing stay!”

    ...The staff was great and very attentive. I felt as though I was a regular guest with the first class treatment. I really liked their new text system where if we needed anything we could just send a text and the staff would jump on it right away....
    Jarod M
    Resort in Scottsdale, AZ

    "Great Stay"

    Spent the weekend in Baltimore. This hotel was awesome. Katie and Will were excellent. The staff will set you up perfectly at any restaurant and text you any recommendations. The wine hour and night cap are a MUST! My wife and I will stay again.
    Brian G
    Inn in Baltimore, MD
  • TripAdvisorReviewsHospitalityTexting-05

    "Exceptional Service!!! Thank-you for taking care of me!"

    I love the new "text" service they offer - over the duration of your stay instead of having to call down you can just text what you need and they will either arrange for a department to call you or take care of it, brilliant!!
    Hotel in Toronto, ON

    "A few minor flaws, but overall, a great hotel”

    I received a text from Patti Lynn asking about the stay thus far. I told her it was good but asked if we could get more blankets. Needless to say that Patti Lynn was so accommodating! She made sure we received two extra blankets to our room!
    Time Share in Myrtle Beach, SC

    "Best Service Ever Had"

    ...They gave me a text number if I needed anything brought up to my room. One day I texted for laundry soap 2 min later door rang. Everyone was extremely friendly, room was great, pool was great and drinks were great.
    Ray G
    Hotel in Las Vegas, NV

How Kipsu Works


Kipsu Scales to Meet Your Objectives



A single solution to enable portfolio-wide, international standardization and reporting, balanced with localized features and functionality based on geographic preferences and languages.


Built with your broader enterprise technology ecosystem in mind, Kipsu seamlessly integrates with existing applications to maximize return on your technology investments.


Kipsu allows for multiple levels of user access and data visibility, from the C-suite to the hotel front desk, across the portfolio and down to a single property location.


Kipsu supports brand-specific business rules for conversation routing and escalations, ensuring a consistent guest experience regardless of the property at which they stay (while still allowing for flexibility to accommodate operational nuances).


The wealth of structured and unstructured data generated through digital messaging on the Kipsu platform is leveraged at the enterprise level to enhance the 360 degree view of the guest, bolster predictive analytics capabilities, and enable real-time data mining for service and marketing insights.

Individual Locations


Kipsu enables hotel staff to be more responsive and efficient by shifting conversations which were previously phone calls into digital channels such as text messaging. New resources are never required in order to effectively manage digital conversations through Kipsu.


Every hotel is unique, and Kipsu is the only solution which empowers staff to operationalize the nuances of their property across digital channels, ensuring that staff and guest user experiences are top-notch.


Staff at the property level are able to modify features, functions, and settings according to existing policies and procedures, which makes the guest experience consistent across channels and staff interactions.


Kipsu is designed not only to be guest-centric, but also highly team-centric. Hotel staff have shared (role-based) visibility into conversations in real-time, which makes managing guest interactions a breeze.


Hotel staff consistently tell us that interacting with their guests on Kipsu alleviates some of the stress of their roles, and is a fun way to increase engagement.

Conference Centers


Kipsu enables conference staff to send messages to groups, or even to an entire conference participant list, without losing the personalization and real-time interaction opportunity.


Many conferences are hosted on properties which are connected to hotels or other entertainment venues. For this reason, Kipsu’s conference support includes routing and hand-off capabilities to appropriate teams across locations and functions.


Conference attendees enjoy interacting with conference staff via Kipsu because they are not required to download anything in order to start messaging. Its as simple as saving the conference support phone number in their phones.


Many large conferences leverage smartphone apps to help attendees navigate the event. Kipsu is easily integrated with these apps to enable in-app messaging with conference staff.

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