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With more than 2,600 properties, management groups, and brands, Kipsu's solution gives hotels an organized and intuitive way to communicate with guests via messaging. Team members can delegate, prioritize, and respond to guest messages from a unified inbox on any device.

Research shows that guests are not impressed by chatbots. Kipsu's singular focus is to facilitate real human interaction between staff and guests, avoiding unnecessary blunders caused by automated messaging and chatbots. Kipsu elevates service professionals to the center of the guest experience.

Easy for Guests

Digital messaging reduces guest anxiety to speak up about their stay while providing an easy way to contact you before, during, and after their stay.

Easy for Staff

Kipsu routes front desk calls and traffic towards messaging, allowing staff to better prioritize and delegate guest requests.

Effective for Management

Powerful analytics tools allow managers and owners to see trends in guest requests, response statistics by department and property, and understand areas for improvement.

Improves Scores

Messaging gives guests an easy, low-stakes, way to voice questions and concerns in the moment, giving your team actionable feedback to improve the guest experience.

Proven results in the  United Kingdom

Kipsu has a proven impact on TripAdvisor and brand survey scores. In a study of 27 Kipsu properties in the United Kingdom, we found:

Increase in 5-star TripAdvisor reviews

+ 11.7 %

Overall Experience brand survey score

+ 16 %

Overall Guest Service brand survey score

+ 15.7 %

Liklihood to Recommend survey score

+ 14.3 %

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Service Obsessed

It is our mission to elevate service professionals back to the center of the service experience. In an era of digital key and clunky chatbots, we empower teams to keep the human element in building meaningful relationships with guests and customers. 


Connect Anywhere

We believe that giving guests frictionless access to their favorite service providers elevates the experience. Kipsu allows you to connect with guests through SMS and a dozen other messaging channels from a single dashboard. 

Actionable Insights

Kipsu gives you actionable insights into the needs of guests, spots potentital pain-points quickly, and gives visiblity into your team's utilization of the solution. 


Kipsu has greatly helped us to improve the communication with our guests, making it easier and more direct. The team really embraced it and it is now part of our routine. My personal favourite part of Kipsu is the "status check" message since it gives us hte opportunity to check on the guest's satisfaction and improve. The team likes that we can use Kipsu to contact the guest in every moment."

Sofitel London St. James

Ready to elevate your guest experience with messaging?

We're excited to share Kipsu with you! Demo calls are typically 30-45 minutes long and dive into Kipsu's use cases, features, business case, and how we can tailor a solution to your team's engagement and service model. With Kipsu, your team will...

Boost efficiency

Move front desk calls and traffic to messaging, allowing your staff to better prioritize and delegate tasks. 

Catch feedback

Collect any comments, inquiries, or kudos while guests are still on property and address them as needed.

Increase guest satisfaction

Messaging gives guests an easy, low-stakes, way to voice questions and concerns before, during, and after their stay. 

Go mobile

Using Kipsu's mobile apps, team members can be notified of any respond to guest messages from anywhere.


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