Shopping mall operators and airports around the globe partner with Kipsu to tap into the power of SMS, text messaging, web chat, and social messaging channels to better serve their visitors.

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Kipsu partners with leading shopping mall operators and airports and enables direct relationships with guests, driving increased spend per visit.  Leading operators of shopping environments and airports are changing their business models to manage experiences which extend their value add well beyond their traditional role as providers of real estate.  

The new experience-based approach is taking leading operators into new marketing approaches that are direct to consumer and build relationships directly with guests.  Kipsu assists by delivering a scalable digital guest service solution that can be managed in busy yet leanly staffed environments.

Kipsu’s partnership model brings together a total solution, including its technology platform, advisory, customization and integration capabilities into a long term partnering approach which consistently drives success.

How Kipsu Works


Kipsu Scales to Meet Your Objectives

Shopping Centers

Omni Channel

Kipsu supports a broad array of messaging channels, including text/SMS, over-the-top, social, live web chat and email, meeting customers where they are most comfortable


Leading operators are broadening their understanding of their customers by analyzing the conversations happening across their portfolios

Dynamic Environments

Kipsu works in environments with light or remote staffing and can handle after hours activity with no active monitoring.


Kipsu captures and organizes data resulting from conversations happening across a diverse portfolio of properties


Real Time

Kipsu works in demanding environments with travelers that need time sensitive responses by integrating a team with concurrency management so guests never receive duplicate messaging

High Capacity

Kipsu works with some of the largest airports and hospitality organizations in the world and supports millions of messages a month

Global Ready

Kipsu can be launched in any country in the world, supports every known language and is designed to manage interactions with subscribers from every cellular operator worldwide

Team Managed

Kipsu is designed to overlay an existing contact center team, not requiring additional headcount to serve travelers

Ways Guest Services Teams Use Kipsu


Give visitors a more dynamic way to find tenants, amenities and facilities.

Product Search

Offer visitors a smart way to identify where specific products or services can be found leveraging “local knowledge."


Keeping facilities clean and well maintained keeps visitors shopping longer.


Giving visitors more certainty to find their car increases time on property during busy times.


Adding an additional layer of assistance provides higher, luxury touch.


Making it easier for guests to get in contact to report issues enhances safety for everyone.

Key Benefits

Easy for Visitors

Digital messaging increases access for visitors regardless of their proximity to staff

Easy for Staff

Kipsu helps staff – on premise or off – be more available to guests while the messaging medium makes it easier to handle multiple guest engagements simultaneously

Improves Social Media Reputation

Kipsu intercepts criticism in the moment and deals with it before it becomes public; conversely, Kipsu helps turn happy visitors into champions online

What Our Customer Partners are Saying About Us

“Our close partnership with Kipsu has enabled us to develop a deeper, more meaningful relationship with our guests. The consistent result is happier guests and extended visit times.”

-Dan Jasper, Vice President of Communications, Mall of America

“Kipsu has helped us to significantly increase our connection to our guests, improving our awareness of their needs and connecting them to our merchants.”

-Kurt Ivey, VP of Marketing, Macerich

Start Building Better Relationships.